Saturday, 20 August 2016

Wildflower Bay by Rachael Lucas

Isla's got her dream job as head stylist at the most exclusive salon in Edinburgh. The fact that she's been so single-minded in her career that she's forgotten to have a life has completely passed her by - until disaster strikes.

Out of options, she heads to the remote island of Auchenmor to help out her aunt who is in desperate need of an extra pair of scissors at her salon.

A native to the island, Finn is thirty-five and reality has just hit him hard. His best friends are about to have a baby and everything is changing. When into his life walks Isla . .

Wildflower Bay has been released in parts as e-books and I did read the first part and was looking forward to the rest of the book but I opted to wait for the complete novel as I am greedy and impatient and like to read it all in one go!

Isla has worked hard to become the head stylist at the swanky hair salon in Edinburgh but throwing herself into her career means she hasn’t actually lived her life to the full. When everything comes crumbling down around her she reluctantly heads to Auchenmor to help run her aunts salon which is worlds apart from the high end salon she is used to.

Having always worked in the hair/beauty industry, this storyline had great appeal as it was something I could relate to. I am a fan of storylines that take a business and attempt to turn them around so I really enjoyed watching Isla come up with strategic and realistic ideas.

Isla isn’t a character I warmed to immediately as she seemed like a hard career driven madam but as the storyline moves along her character starts to blossom and by the time I got to part three in the book I genuinely liked her character and I was hoping for a happy ending for her.

I did find that part 2 especially around the chapters of Lily I found my attention wavering, her character was irritating and the whole retreat part just didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the storyline  but luckily the storyline did pick up again.

There is a sweet blossoming romance and the building of new friendships which bring a comforting uplifting feel to the book along with a touch of humour and I have to admit I had a lump in the throat moment that threatened to bring on the waterworks!

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Cover Reveal

Ruby has been away at university but now she's back in Wynbridge. With Christmas around the corner, she takes on a stall at the local market, and sets about making it the best Christmas market stall ever. There'll be bunting and mistletoe and maybe even a bit of mulled wine.
But with the new out-of-town superstore just opened, the market is under threat. So together with the other stallholders, Ruby devises a plan to make sure that locals make the Christmas market their first port of call for all their Christmas present needs.
But it's hard to concentrate when she keeps bumping into her ex, Steve - and especially when she realises that her feelings for him are still there.

Join Heidi Swain for some Christmas sparkle - and see who might be under the mistletoe this year...

will be released on the 17th November

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Little Pieces of You and Me by Vanessa Greene

Best friends Isla and Sophie made each other a promise a long time ago: to never let life pass them by. Years later, Isla is in love, living abroad and fulfilling her dreams. But for Sophie, things haven't turned out the way she was expecting and she hasn't achieved any of the things she and Isla talked about.

And then, in one sudden moment, life irrevocably changes for both women. Isla and Sophie have hard decisions to make but above all else they must face up to the uncertainty that lies ahead.

It's only when they realise that this is easier together, two friends standing side by side, that each woman can embrace whatever the future holds for them.

The traditional tea cup covers that we have come to associate with Vanessa Greene’s novels are nowhere to be seen on the cover of her latest release The Little Pieces of You and Me but actually I love the new look it gets a bug thumbs up from me. I was just hoping the storyline would be as comforting as her previous books.

Best friends Isla and Sophie still have a strong bond even though their lives have taken them in different directions. When thoughts turn back to the to do lists they both made years ago Isla is eager to complete her list but in life you can’t always plan ahead as you don’t know what is around the corner.

This was a heartfelt plot with a strong believable friendship at the core. Isla and Sophie were such well-developed characters and the supportive and natural connection was felt through the pages. They are everything that true friends should be a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen when you’re not around and someone to encourage you and put a smile on your face when you are at a major low.

The girls individual lives and troubles are weaved perfectly together in this book and I loved both of their character equally. The author tackles some sensitive and challenging issues in this book but she delivers them with such detail and compassion. This is one of those books that really gets you thinking that life is too short and you should grab every opportunity that comes your way and enjoy every second. I didn’t find it a “Debbie downer” book I actually found it quite an uplifting and yet thought provoking read.

In true Vanessa Greene form the storyline is a comforting one with loveable characters and a sprinkling of romance too and yet the friendship is what shone through in this book. I read this book in one greedy swoop and I was not disappointed.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

The Secret by Kathryn Hughes

Mary has been nursing a secret. Forty years ago, she made a choice that would change her world for ever, and alter the path of someone she holds dear.

Beth is searching for answers. She has never known the truth about her parentage, but finding out could be the lifeline her sick child so desperately needs. When Beth finds a faded newspaper cutting amongst her mother's things, she realises the key to her son's future lies in her own past. She must go back to where it all began to unlock...The Secret.

I hadn’t come across author Kathryn Hughes before, but I won a copy of her latest release The Secret and the synopsis immediately had me intrigued so I wasted no time in getting started.

Beth is desperate to find out who her father is and time is of the essence as her son Jake is very ill and finding her father could be the life line they all need but her mother has passed away and never would reveal any information about her father.

When Beth uncovers a letter amongst her mother’s belongings she soon learns that there have been secrets kept for many years and her and her husband are determined to uncover the truth.

The authors writing style pulled me in right from the first page and the flow of her writing kept me turning those pages eager to piece together all the clues. Although at the beginning of the book we meet a number of different characters I didn’t struggle with getting to grips with who was who because they were all well developed and engaging characters who were all likeable even if some of their actions were unjust.

The plot was a heart-warming one at the focal point we have the adorable little Jake who is poorly and his parents desperate to save his life but in doing so they never expected the secrets they would uncover. The storyline also jumps back to 1976 where we meet a big group of characters and I really enjoyed this part of the book.

The storyline was full of hidden secrets and tragic events which I found greatly moving because I had warmed to the characters so much but the book wasn’t a depressive read thanks to the characters who all brought there bit of light to the plot.

I really enjoyed this book and the authors writing style made this such an effortless read as her writing sweeps us away with the storyline, so I cannot wait to go to town this weekend and pick up a copy of her debut The Letter.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Late Summer in the Vineyard by Jo Thomas

Emmy Bridges has always looked out for others. Now it's time to put down roots of her own.
Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even if she doesn't know a thing about wine - beyond what's on offer at the local supermarket.
There's plenty to get to grips with in the rustic town of Petit Frère. Emmy's new work friends need more than a little winning over. Then there's her infuriatingly brash tutor, Isaac, and the enigmatic Madame Beaumont, tucked away in her vineyard of secrets.
But Emmy will soon realise that in life - just as in wine-making - the best things happen when you let go and trust your instincts. Particularly when there's romance in the air...

Jo Thomas is an author who whisks us away to such idyllic locations and in her latest release Late Summer in the Vineyard we enjoy an escape to the South-West of France. Our heroine Emmy finds herself in a desperate situation, she is about to lose the house she lives in with her father and with her job hanging on by a thread she needs to get some money together fast. In the right place at the right time Emmy is given a life line, a chance to prove herself and earn big she will learn about wine ready to sell to the supermarkets when she gets home.

Emmy is well out of her comfort zone but she embraces the challenge that is thrown at her, more from her loving and caring nature of helping others than the career drive of her competitors. Spending time on a traditional working Vineyard soon see’s Emmy blossom as a character as she learns how the wine is produced and she begins to trust her own judgement and actually finds something she is rather good at.

There is a love triangle too involving Isaac and Charlie that has us guessing early on in the book what way things would go but I have to say by half way through I was sure I knew which path Emmy would take but I didn’t mind the predictability of it I was happy to watch things pan out.

I warmed to Emmy from the start of the book but I also loved a lot of the supporting characters too from the wise and guarded Madame Beaumont to the free- spirited Isaac, they all brought their own little something to the storyline.

Yet again the author has quite clearly thoroughly researched the development of wine and this comes across in great detail in the book, it is not something that has ever interested me but having read the book I would love to visit a vineyard and watch the process in action.

This is perfect Summer holiday reading with a glass of wine to keep you company, it didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as her previous books but it is still one I would gladly recommend, it is an uplifting and insightful read full of romance a splash of humour and a journey of self-discovery.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis

Today it is my stop on the blog tour for The Moment She Left.
Welcome to Rea Book Reviews Susan ....

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 
If you want to be a producer you'd better write.  I was working in TV drama and this was what I was told to get me out of the Controller's office!  I took him at his word and the rest, as they say, is history. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be? 
If I had a superpower I'd rescue all the children and animals being subjected to cruelty.    

What literary character is most like you?  
Definitely Emma from Jane Austen’s wonderful novel. 

If you were stranded on a desert island what song would you choose to listen to, which book would you take and what luxury item would you pack? 
That’s a hard one. Song choice would have to be Just My Imagination by the Temptations. Book choice… How to Survive on a Desert Island by anyone who’s been thoughtful enough to write such a useful guide. Luxury item: A double-ended stick with a toothbrush at one end and a knife at the other…I could give Bear Grylls a sure run for his money!  

The Moment She Left is out NOW!

Kesterly-on-Sea is full of secrets.
Some are darker than others; many are shameful. One is even deadly.  Andee is an ex-detective whose marriage is breaking up. So when a young female student disappears without trace, she throws herself into the search. Meanwhile, the town’s beloved Rowzee Cayne has just discovered that she is terminally ill, and doesn’t want to burden her family and friends with the news.

Andee and Rowzee don't know it yet, but their journeys are going to help them uncover a secret. One that is going to affect them more than they could ever imagine.

Although I had heard of Susan Lewis I had never read any of her books mainly for the fact she has written so many that I didn't know where to start, but then I was offered a chance to read and review her latest release The Moment She Left and I was looking forward to discovering for myself what her books have to offer.

The storyline focuses on a large number of characters and I did find it took me a while to get to grips with who was who and what connection they had with the other characters. When Jessica goes missing with no trace leaving even the investigating officers baffled her family try with great difficulty to move on with their lives but the not knowing is tearing the family apart so they enlist the help of Andee who is an ex-detective to try and dig deeper. In the same town dear Rowzee has just discovered that she is terminally ill but she doesn't wish for her family to know. All the characters storylines gradually intertwine bring the storyline to a well rounded end.

I was really intrigued to find out how Jessica could literally just disappear without a trace and I never quite new if she was going to be found dead or alive or if she would even be found at all. I also loved Rowzee she was such a beloved older lady who was very caring and wise if somewhat rather stubborn too and her storyline had a very realistic feel to it 

The one thing that was missing for me though was the emotive writing style, I had no empathy for any of the characters which I feel was strange considering the different difficult and heartbreaking scenarios that the characters faced in the book, I am usually quite an emotive person and would find these situations would typically bring a lump to my throat or a tear to my eye but although I was hooked on the storyline it didn't bring any emotion out of me.

I am pleased that I have now tried one of this author books and I would like to pick up another now to see how they compare.

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Down on Daffodil Lane by Rebecca Pugh

Author Bio: 
Rebecca Pugh grew up in the green county of Shropshire. Not an immediate reader, it took her a while to find her way towards the wonderful fictional words hidden between the pages of books. Ever since, she’s fallen under the spell of countless authors and the tales they've weaved. Her favourite authors include Jill Mansell, Cathy Bramley, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin, to name but a few. She loves nothing more than tapping away at the keyboard, taking her characters from imagination to page and, when that isn’t the case, she adores curling up with a good book.  Rebecca is a fan of fairy tale romances that sweep you off your feet, dashing heroes and strong, lovable heroines. She can’t make up her mind whether she prefers a countryside escape, or a love story set in bustling New York. Either way, she’s more than happy to disappear into both.  When it comes to her own writing, Rebecca aims to whisk readers away to desirable locations, where they can meet characters who, she hopes, will begin to feel like friends. With a dash of romance here, and a shake-up of things there, she loves dreaming up stories and watching them come to life 
A charmed life… 
Maria Charm’s world might have recently crumbled, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it get her down. 
Sure, her ex-husband broke her heart and decimated her trust, and while it would be so tempting to spend forever in her dressing gown, a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other, Maria wants more from her new—single—life! 
make over of her lovely little cottage on Daffodil Lane and a new job at Harriet’s café are just the distractions Maria needs to carve a new life in the country. One distraction she doesn’t need is Mr Tall, Brooding and Handsome from down the lane! 'Maria may only be in town temporarily, but there's nothing temporary about the tingles she feels at gorgeous Brad's touch… 
After everything she’s been through, can Maria ever trust a man again? Could risking her heart with Brad lead to a charmed life on Daffodil Lane? 

Find out in Rebecca Pugh’s dazzling novel,Down on Daffodil Lane! 

You can purchase your copy on the link below 


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