Rating System

I always like to add a star rating to my book reviews for those of you who don't have time to read the full review can often pick up my thoughts on a book by my rating. One thing I will remind you all is this is my opinion of the book I have read you may find a book that I only give a two star and found hard to read to the end may in fact be one of your favourite books so try and take the time to read my opinions as well as my star rating. The reason you will not see any 1 or 2 star books is because if a book is sent to me for a review if I can't get past the 3rd chapter I wont review this book as it is unfair of me to do this without reading the whole book so I just put the book aside and do not review.

The GEM this is a rating very rarely given.
A must read
Would Read Again

Great read, One for the bookshelf

Buy, read, Enjoy and pass along to a friend

      Borrow from the library was an O.K read wouldn't read again.


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